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Downsizing Tips when Moving to a Smaller Home

Moving to a smaller home? Worried about how to downsize with all that stuff you got packed? Come on! Downsizing should be an exciting experience. Don’t think of it as a hassle. This guide would definitely help.  Rest assured, we’ve prepared the perfect combination of tips that would make your move into a smaller home hassle-free.

Ponder about how to Manage Costs

It’s better to think of cheaper ways to complete this mission. You don’t want to look back and wish you had thought about “this” and “that” beforehand. The first thing you can ask yourself is this: How do I save money? You should also do your research to possibly uncover every hidden cost.

Ask yourself how many boxes you can afford to convey to the new place. Think about the new furniture you’ll be hoping to purchase when you get there. You may need to make some repairs to the old house in case you want to put it up for sale.

Moreover; there are taxes, homeowners’ association dues, and storage rental fees to worry about. These are most of the costs to consider. As the saying goes, “look before you leap”.

Measure the Pieces of Furniture

Get rid of furniture that you can let go of, if you feel that they’re too big or useless to take to the new house. Order for multifunctional furniture when you’ve finally moved—the ones that can be used as stands, tables, chairs, and maybe dressers.

Mount Shelves on the Walls

Think of floating or wall-mounted shelves as ideas for storage when you get to your new domicile. Ditch the idea if the walls aren’t strong enough to support them. Standing shelves can be the alternative if there’s enough room.

Let the Decluttering Begin!

Declutter before you leave the old place. Separate the items based on which you want to put on sale, donate, or get rid of. Think about leaving out items that have smaller versions.

More tips include the following:

  • Put some or most (depending on the number of items) of your stuff up for sale
  • Dumps items that can never be useful in any way.
  • Do away with some clothes that do not hold any sentimental value.

Downsizing is a major change that can affect one financially if care isn’t taken. You should be prepared to handle the costs that may come with such a move. Hopefully, your understanding of the tips above will help you do just that. Don’t think of the process as a strain on your normal lifestyle, but a much needed transition to a better life—free from some of the things that need to be gone with the past.

At the end of all that decluttering and reorganizing, you’ll definitely feel better. You can take a tour of the entire place with a smile on your face—mentally preparing yourself for the new life ahead of you.  Thanks for keeping calm and reading through!…

pressure washer

Best Pressure Washers to Get Rid of Dirt in Seconds

More people are using pressure washers these days due to their high effectiveness at cleaning surfaces and ease of use. It doesn’t matter how stubborn the stain is; these machines will get the job done. Think about mildew, mold, oil, and tar stains. Pressure washers are the power tools you can trust.

If you’re thinking about buying one, then you should read further to save time on shopping. We have listed all you may need right here. They were carefully curated based on their individual top advantages. Each machine has its unique advantage listed, of course.

Top Rated: Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer

This machine has an amazing limit of 2,030 PSI! Its ease of use in relation to its capability is what places it at the top of our list. That’s not all; it has two detachable detergent tanks.

Best Product for Portability: Wen PW19 Electric Pressure Washer

This one here is portable and powerful at the same time. Lightweight and compact with four options for direct stream spraying. Those advantages are too good to be true, as well as its power of 2,000 PSI!

Top Value/Affordable: Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer

Oh, this is machine is really cheap. It’s very affordable in relation to its awesome power of 1,500 PSI. You could get it for a price below $100!

Best Product for Home Use: Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

This machine takes the cake for hose and cord length. The hose measures 25 feet, while the cord measures 35 feet—perfect for home cleaning. What’s more? You can choose between the DirtBlaster spray wand for tough cleaning, and the second one for a regular wash.

Top Small-Size Product: Ryobi 1600 PSI Pressure Washer

You need thus machine for narrow surfaces. It can be used to clean balconies, outdoor furniture, and so on. The power is an amazing 1,600 PSI. Better still, you need little space to store it when not in use. 

Top Quality: Westinghouse ePX 2030 Electric Pressure Washer

With a power of 2,030, this machine will get the job done. Talk about efficiency with an effective anti-tipping technology for rough terrains.

Best Product for Cars: Stanley SHP 2150 Electric Pressure Washer

One of the noteworthy advantages of this machine is that it can be used to spray a thick layer of soap onto your car before washing. Its power? 2,150 PSI!

Top Product for Driveways: Ryobi 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

This is self-explanatory like some of the other machines above. You can use it to clean anywhere outside your house. Buyers don’t have to worry about the wearing and tearing of the hose because it’s made from anti-marring material.

Starting your shopping from here was definitely the best thing that you could have done for yourself. No stress. Now you’ll be able to make an informed choice based on the above list and their special features. Be it to wash the interior and exterior of your house, car, driveway, and many other purposes—you’ve been covered.…

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Energy Efficient House Design: Ideas & Solutions

Adopting energy-efficient house designs has several environmental advantages. Even a little change in your lifestyle can have a huge impact on the emission of polluting gases. Energy-efficient houses can also help you reduce your carbon footprints.

The latest trends are all about living an eco-friendly lifestyle and switching to organic alternatives. Being energy conscious is not only beneficial for the environment but also helps you to save money. Energy-efficient design and innovations are more economical and require less electricity. Hence, it significantly drops your utility bills.

Depending on your budget as well as requirement, you can make several changes in your house which will enable you to cut your energy expenses. These changes may initially cost you high but are very beneficial in the long run. Here are some energy-efficient house designs: ideas and solutions.

  • Invest in solar panels. Solar power is a renewable and neat source of energy. For the people who have their homes at places with constant sunlight throughout the year, utilizing the sun’s natural energy is an excellent option. The installation of solar panels could be a bit expensive in the beginning, but it has huge returns on investment and long-term benefits.
  • Have proper insulation. It is essential to maintain the temperature of your home throughout the year if you have an HVAC system installed. Hence you have to ensure that your home is well insulated and doesn’t have holes or gaps in the pipes and attics. To get your home properly insulated, you will have to consult with an insulation contractor to find the right type for your home.
  • Install a skylight at your home. Adding a skylight not only makes your home look well-lit but also has an economic advantage. A skylight enhances the interior of your home while improving the heating and air ventilation. Before installing a skylight, make sure that the existing design of your house supports it. It’s better to consult with a professional before the installation of a skylight.
  • Replace the electrical accessories and fixtures. The electrical appliances use a lot of energy, so if possible, replace the fixtures at first. Substituting a CFL bulb with a LED will not only increase efficiency but also will last longer. Similarly, if your planning to buy a new appliance, look for the ones with energy star alternatives.
  • Install cool roof. A cool roof is capable of reflecting more sunlight as compared to a regular one. It keeps down the temperature of your roof, which reduces the overall temperature of your house. Hence, you can regulate the temperature of your home, while keeping your air conditioner down and save energy. A cool roof is not much costlier than a usual roof. You can install the cool material over any roof.

Such small little changes can take you a long way to save energy and lots of money over a long time. Therefore, it is worth putting some time and investment into energy-efficient house designs. It is a win-win for your pocket as well as the environment.…

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Kitchen Tools You Cannot Live Without

The creation of a mouth-watering delicacy is a craft that requires skill. There are some kitchen tools without which you can’t even imagine cooking. No matter if you are an expert chef or a beginner, you always need a few kitchen essentials. The most widely used tools in the kitchen are the most underrated ones. Such small gadgets make cooking a lot easier by just being there in the kitchen. So, here is a list of kitchen tools that you must have.

Chef’s Knife

You will never regret it if you invest in a good-quality chef’s knife. Its blade can smoothly cut a variety of foods like vegetables and meat. Chopping, slicing or dicing, you name it, and the chef’s knife can do it all. Take care of your knife’s blade by washing it properly after use and sharpening it from time to time.


Whether you want to boil eggs or prepare soup, a kitchen tool having multiple uses is the saucepan. This kitchen tool is your on-the-go essential for boiling water. It doesn’t take much of your space but has lots of benefits.

Cutting Board

A good quality cutting board protects your countertop from scratches and wears while cutting and chopping anything. It is most beneficial to have two different chopping boards, one for meat and another for vegetables. They also help you to cut systematically without creating any mess.

Measuring Cup

You can’t bake those delicious muffins and cakes without a measuring cup. This useful tool enables you to stick to the recipe and take the exact amount of ingredients required. Have one for dry ingredients and another one for liquid. 

Mixing Bowl

A must-have kitchen tool is a versatile mixing bowl. From making salads to cookie dough and marinating to tossing: a mixing bowl can do almost anything. They come in a variety of forms and volumes. It’s good to have a couple of them in your kitchen.

Immersion Blender

This quick mixer works like magic and prepares delicious smoothies, soups, and shakes within no time. The immersion blender allows you to blend your ingredients without any hassle. You can keep your hands dry and avoid all the mess in the kitchen.

Mortar & Pestle

You won’t recognize the significance of Mortar Pestle once you have it. This tool is perfect for grinding herbs, making fresh ginger garlic paste, and taking your culinary skills to the next level. Get one for yourself, and you would be a fan of it.

Grill Pan

A grill pan comes in handy when you crave grilled chicken or steak but setting up a barbeque outside is a huge task. Quickly heat the grilled pan and toss your marinated ingredients to enjoy a rich and smoky flavor. 

For someone who loves cooking, these tools could be a kitchen survival kit. Whether you’re planning a simple dinner or a feast, these tools will always stand by your side. Make a little space in your kitchen rack and get the ones which you don’t have. Happy cooking!…

How to Save on Home Rentals When Traveling

Having a furnished cabin in the misty hills is cool, but having it at less is super cool. You can save your money if you know how to save on home rentals when traveling.

Vacation rentals are a $36billion annual market today. NO doubt, they have enough to offer you, but how you can steal the best homes for less is your choice. You can avail incredible discounts by booking a holiday rental with some tricks. 

Here we will consider some genius ideas to save money on home rentals when traveling.

Negotiate to Get a Good Bargain

You usually get a more fair deal just by negotiating. You don’t have to spend the asking price if you negotiate. Find your choice location with other facilities under your budget by consulting with the manager to settle on a reasonable price. If the owner understands that a client can’t afford one of his best properties, he will give some concessions to work better for their budget. 

Talk to the Owner to Negotiate the Price

What if your home rentals don’t have a weekly discount? The big news is, you may still be ready to negotiate for one. An empty record is a loss in the vacation rental booking. So owners are usually prepared to decrease prices, cover booking fees, and waive cleaning charges to prevent the loss. You can ask the owner before submitting a booking application. But, before that, do some research and find a related listing with a lower price to verify your quote. 

Shop Around to Get Better Deals

Are you searching for a summer vacation rental? or a lavishing beach rental? Do fast research. All you have to do is type ‘vacation rentals’ on google, and a hefty list will pop up. Shop around and check the house’s availability in the area of your choice with all additional factors like linens, laundry, kitchen, bedding, etc. Browse all the disclaimers correctly. You can possess a quick bargain on booking a vacation place with just a small effort.

Check Nearby Locations Before Booking

This is one of the most useful money-saving hacks. If you rent a home near Disney land or a beach, you will be more expected to pay massive costs. Try to avoid booking in the town center or near any other attractions. It is one of the Best Way to Save on home rentals when traveling.

Cut Costs by Using Vacation Rental Apps

Vacation rental sites are placing some serious effort into their smartphone apps. Because today, a lot of travelers favor searching for trips with their mobile devices. So, booking vacation rentals by smartphone can help you stay within your budget. Almost every vacation rental site has got its mobile apps, and they give huge discounts on booking with it. 

Spend Only on What You Need

Spend particularly on the vacation home and luxury you need; it is a good option rather than buying. If you love a place, go back again next year. In this way, you will get the best compensation next time and save the price of purchasing a vacation home. If you return to a rental home several times, let the manager or owner know about it. You may get a bargain for that, too. …

Types of Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy is a legal process carried out to businesses and individuals to grant them freedom from their debts while providing creditors with an opportunity for repayment. It is a process carried out in federal court and is governed by the rules outlined in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy offers people a fresh start, but it can damage your credit, making it hard to receive loans, and apply for a job soon. Therefore, before you file for bankruptcy, be sure that you have exhausted all other alternatives.

If you have, then considering bankruptcy is nothing to be scared of. The most important thing is to know what you are doing. This starts by understanding the types of bankruptcies available to you. For individuals, there are two main types. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Liquidation

This type is the most common type of bankruptcy for individuals that is also known as ‘liquidation’ or straight bankruptcy. Individuals (and businesses with exceptional cases) with little or no assets file under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

This is because it allows them to dispose of their existing debts, such as medical bills and credit card bills. Those who have nonexempt assets such as collections with high valuations (family heirlooms, coin collections, stamp collections), second homes, stocks or bonds, and cash have to liquidate the items and property to pay off some of the debt.

People who file for Chapter 7 are typically selling off their valuables to clear the debt—people who do not have valuable assets but only have exempt property such as a personal vehicle. Household goods, clothing, and tools may not repay any of their unsecured debt. 

An essential requirement for filing under Chapter 7 is that you do not have a sufficient income that allows you to pay at least a part of your debts. This determination relies on a mathematical calculation available through a form. 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Repayment Plan

This type of filing is for people who make too much money and so do not qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It is also known as a wage earner’s plan. It is both used by individuals and businesses with a contact income.

It allows them to create a workable debt repayment plan/s. typically, these plans are in instalments paid over three to five years. In exchange for paying all their creditors, the court allows them to keep all their property and valuables including otherwise nonexempt property. 

However, before the judge accepts the plan, your property will be under the watchful eye of the trustee. Before they take the idea, the judge and trustee will consider two main things: whether the creditors are being treated fairly and if each creditor will receive at least as much as if you had filed under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13

Both types of bankruptcy will give a bankruptcy discharge. This is a relief from your legal duty to repay your debts. While Chapter 7 cases do not have a repayment plan, Chapter 13 cases require you to repay some of your debt to creditors with a flexible payment plan.